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Benefits of Toys to Children



Toys are not only about play, fun and games –they are very essential for children’s healthy development. In the process of moving from playing with blocks to books to crayons to teddy bears and dolls, a child is already building pre academic skills Toys can be divided into several groups, depending on the part of the child it helps to develop.

Social & Emotional Skills:
Dolls and stuffed animals are ideal for representing people through make believe roles. Children develop security, happiness, sharing and cooperation through play. Stuffed toys, musical mobiles can give soothing relief and comfort to a child in trauma. Whilst other toys for make-believe like dress-up clothes, toy cars, trucks, games, musical instruments, and books help children build self-expression and confidence.

Physical Skills: Playing on swings, monkey bars, skipping, help build physical dexterity, strength and balance in children. Other toys such as toy cars, wagons, bikes, brooms, and shovels also develop their physical or muscle development.

Fine Motor skills required for writing and artistic development can be learned through drawing, painting and art activities. Toys for creative and intellectual development include clay, crayons, paints, books, paper, and scissors.

Language Development:
Reading picture books help develop listening and communication skills in children

Cognitive and Problem solving skills:
Playing with nature based activities like sand toys and play doughs, water toys help children with becoming good at investigating and experimenting because their sense of curiosity and discovery is ignited.  Playing with boxes, puzzles and blocks, also teach them how to group, manipulate and categorize items.
Some toys fit into more than one category and children need to experience play through the toys in the different groups for total development.


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