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About One Million Toys for Kids Project



Ethnikos-onemilliontoysforonemillionkidslogoOne Million Toys for One Million Kids in Need is a global initiative  that uses the power of play  to provide  basic learning  to vulnerable children, who may never have an opportunity to attend a formal or conventional school. These vulnerable children include street children, child labourers, children victims of conflict and natural disasters and children with special needs.

The number of 'children out of education' worldwide is estimated at 58 million according to UNICEF. Many of them will probably never enter a classroom (UNICEF) The convention on the rights of the children act article 28 and 31 gives a child right s to education and leisure, play and culture.

One Million Toys for One Million Kids in Need  aims to promote child development by helping children learn effectively through the power of play ,with the use of ETHNIKOS brand of educational  toys which introduces them to alphabets,spellings ,basic literacy,numeracy,colours,social diversities.

One MillionToys for One Million Kids in Need  concept is  designed  to bring learning and teaching to the children in their homes with 25% of the toy donations given to Nigerian children ,25% to other African children and 50 % to children in other parts of the world

We will implement the program through a network of charity organisations around the world to deliver on the promise. We hope to spur an increase in school enrolment, access to early childhood learning ,enhance school readiness , inclusiveness, postrauma rehabilitation, social interactions,peace and development in beneficiary communities in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

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