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We’re looking to partner with sponsors who share our mission ,values and passion to educate children in need through play.We want sponsors  who  ready rise up to help expand the impact and reach  that can be achieved through One million toys for One million Kids in Need.
We are just starting, our target is to  positively impact the lives of an estimated 1 million children in need all over the world.25% -nigeria ,25 % Africa and 50% o –Rest of the world.  

Become a Sponsor

One Million Toys for One Million Kids in Need provides sponsors with access to a unique CSR platform that has a daily impact , in every part of the world, across all demographics on children’s lives.
One Million Toys for One Million Kids in Need Project offers the ideal opportunity for sponsors who want to:

  1. Demonstrate their allegiance to a more socially, environmentally and economically-sustainable world,
  2. Develop and strengthen brand equity at an International level,
  3. Project stakeholder loyalty and engagement at a significant level, and
  4. Pursue positive commercial results.

Our  team is readily available to work with sponsors together with, our extensive worldwide network of implementation partners ,thereby  providing a measurable return on objectives.
Do kindly contact us to explore these sponsorship opportunities. We are also willing to develop a tailored solution that meets your company’s needs.

For information about sponsorship,  please email: info@thelearninggateinc.com, info@ethnikoscollection.com. .

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